❤️ Introduction

LovesSwap — is a unique love DeFi project which is special extra layer, which is working in parallel with AmorSwap. It was launched with fair launch too.
Own and hold all 3 tokens — get the highest profit in our yield farming system.
Main purpose — is to combine all our 3 tokens in one yield farming project with mostly native farms and high APRS. 9% tax, 6% is used to buy back 💓EROS and 🏹AMOR(which basically means their price will grow), afterwards they are sent to the Mega pools. 3% of tax is used for the auto buyback system.
The number of possible farmed Loves tokens is limited, in addition there are auto buy-back which burns tokens FOREVER. Strong security features: migration code deleted, implemented time lock on liquidity.
Same as in all our projects, you could get good amount of extra tokens through our referral system, which allows you to get 3% from every harvest of your referral.
Last modified 1yr ago